The most chosen forms of Facebook advertising in 2024

In the process of running ads on the Facebook platform, choosing the appropriate Facebook advertising form is an important factor that determines whether the CPC rate and conversion rate increase or not. Through this article, let’s join Qixtech to learn the pros and cons of the most popular Facebook advertising forms in 2024 to help you choose a suitable type for yourself.

Summary of 11 popular forms of Facebook advertising

Carousel ads (Carousel ads)
Carousel advertising is a form of Facebook advertising that allows you to present a series of products or services in a single Adset, displayed as slides that can be scrolled through on both desktop and mobile interfaces.

This type of ad is optimal for conveying a product message through multiple images and links within each image. When creating carousel ads, you need to pay attention to:

  • Images are 600×600 in size and guaranteed high quality.
  • A brief ad description of about 90 characters.
  • The title of the advertising content is clearly about 25 characters.
  • Approximately 30 characters for a business product or service description.

Dynamic product Facebook ads (Dynamic Product ads)
Dynamic product advertising on Facebook is a solution not to be missed if you want to attract customers back to your website. When customers add a product to their cart without completing the purchase, this ad will display that product information on their Facebook, increasing the effectiveness of the Remarketing campaign.

Strengths of dynamic product advertising include:

  • Highly personalized, targeting specific customers.
  • Serves a variety of targets, from leads who haven’t yet purchased to customers who’ve added products to their cart.
  • Highly effective in increasing sales.

When implementing this type of ad, you do not need to manually enter the product name, description, ID number, landing page or image URL because Facebook will automatically collect and complete this information for you, reducing work burden and intelligently optimize advertising.

Feature Videos Ads (Feature Videos)
Video advertising stimulates customer interest on Facebook and is a more effective method than using just traditional text and images. Featured videos not only attract viewers but also help convey messages visually, coherently and quickly.

Facebook Leads
Facebook Leads Ads (also known as Lead Ads) are a form of Facebook advertising that helps you collect customer contact information through an easy and quick registration form.

The benefit of Facebook Leads advertising is that it helps businesses collect potential customer information easily with less time and cost than traditional information collection methods. Besides, businesses can target ads to specific audiences who have filled out registration forms, thereby increasing conversion rates compared to collecting information on the website.

Abandoned Cart Ads
Abandoned Cart Ads are a type of ad that targets customers who have added products to their cart but have not completed checkout. This type of advertising will re-display products that customers have left in their shopping carts on advertising channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads,… with the purpose of reminding and encouraging them to return to purchase.

Event advertising (Event Responsive)
Event advertising (ER) is a special type of Facebook advertising for businesses and organizations that are launching offline and online event programs, especially programs that are highly interactive with users. .

Benefits of using event advertising (ER):

Reach more people: Your ad will be shown to more people, including people who don’t already follow your Facebook page.
Increase participation rates: Event advertising (ER) helps you attract more people to your event.
Measure effectiveness: You can track your ad’s performance to see reach, ad clicks, and event attendance.

Click to Facebook Web (Domain Ads)
Facebook Click to Web Advertising (also known as Domain Ads) is a type of advertising that helps attract users to visit your website by displaying advertising banners on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

The special feature of Facebook Click to Web advertising is that it focuses on the goal of website access, optimized for increasing visits and conversions on the website with many formats such as images, videos, and carousels. Besides, Facebook provides effective analytics tools (e.g. Facebook Pixel), which help you track clicks, website visits, and conversions to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.
Page Likes
Advertising to increase Facebook page likes (Page Likes) is a type of advertising favored by many newly established businesses with the aim of increasing the number of likes and interest from the community. This type of ad includes a direct page like button and the ad fee is calculated based on the number of likes the page receives.

Page Post Engagement
Page Post Engagement advertising is a type of Facebook advertising that helps increase interactions (likes, shares, comments) for posts on a business’s Fanpage. This type of advertising includes a direct page like button and advertising fees are paid. Calculated based on the number of likes the page receives, so it is suitable for goals such as:

Increase brand awareness: When your posts are interacted with by many people, your brand will be known to more people.
Increase the number of fans for your Fanpage: When users interact with your posts, they are highly likely to like your Fanpage.
Increase website traffic: You can insert website links into posts to attract users to visit your website.
Increase sales: You can advertise your products or services on posts to attract users to make purchases.

Offer Claim
Offer Claim advertising is a type of Facebook advertising that allows businesses to introduce promotions and incentives to potential customers. With this type of advertising, customers can easily receive offers directly on Facebook without having to access the business’s website or application using the call-to-action (CTA) button “Get offer” right on Facebook. post.

Ads for app installs on Facebook
Facebook app install ads are a type of Facebook ad that helps attract users to install your app. This type of ad displays images, videos, or text promoting your app on Facebook and Instagram. When users click on the ad, they will be redirected to the App Store or Google Play page to install the app. This ad includes the Fanpage name, application name and CTA button such as “Use app” or “Install Now”.